Except for the UAE, Emford Global also provides company incorporation services to its corporate and private clients through a strong network of partners in over 46 jurisdictions around the world.

Emford Global can assist in identifying and incorporating companies in the most suitable jurisdiction and offers offshore company formation in all major markets. Emford Global can also provide office facilities, registered local representatives and agents.

Emford Global can also offer a range of administrative services aimed at enhancing and supporting the business day to day.

Popular Jurisdictions:

  • Anguilla, IBC
  • Bahamas, IBC
  • Belize, IBC
  • BVI, Exempt
  • Cayman Islands, Exempt
  • Cyprus, IBC
  • Gibraltar, Non Resident
  • Hong Kong, Private Ltd
  • Ireland, Resident Private Ltd
  • Isle of Man, Private Company
  • Mauritius, GBC I
  • Mauritius, GBC II
  • Malta, Private LLC
  • Marshall Islands, IBC
  • Nevis, LLC
  • Panama, Non Resident
  • Samoa, IBC
  • Seychelles, IBC
  • Singapore, Non Resident
  • UK, LLP
  • UK, PLC
  • UK, Private Limited
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